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Repair your foundation the smart way with SmartLift

SmartLift provides expert house levelling and foundation repairs in commercial and residential buildings, specialising in earthquake damaged properties in Christchurch and Canterbury. 

SmartLift is proudly certified for Commercial and Residential Foundation and Floor Levelling, with a ISO 9001 grading that is recognised in more than 150 countries. All personnel on our work sites carry SiteSafe passports. SmartLift’s patented system conducts house levelling and foundation repairs to millimetre accuracy and can be re-adjusted many times. Our house levelling and foundation repairs are approved by all major insurance companies.



Simply contact us. We can arrange to meet you on site and answer any questions. We can provide a floor level survey and geotechnical investigation if required. We will send you an accurate written quotation.



Once quote is signed we engage our engineer to produce a site specific re-levelling plan for your home. We arrange a building consent exemption through the Christchurch City Council, depending on the magnitude of works required.



A pre-start meet with you showing re-levelling plan and time-frame. We complete re-levelling and leave your home clean, tidy and ready for your builder to finish your repairs – all within 14 days on average.


Peace of Mind

Completion of the project - you are supplied with a producer statement (PS3) and our engineer's (PS4). It is personally addressed to you, the home owner, to guarantee you that the completed work will stand the test of time.

SmartLift House Levelling and Foundation Repairs- What We Do

SmartLift is proud to be the most efficient and accurate house levelling and foundation repair system in Christchurch. The team have a 100% success rate with repair strategies to over 638 Canterbury homes and businesses. SmartLift takes care of all your geotech, engineering and council requirements, and SmartLift systems have been approved by all major insurance companies. If you have damaged foundations or concrete floor slabs, call us today.

SmartLift Concrete Foundation and Floor Levelling Process

SmartLift’s specialties lie in house levelling and foundation repairs in earthquake damaged commercial and residential buildings in Christchurch and Canterbury. Both timber floors and concrete foundations and slabs are levelled to millimetre accuracy, plus the installed system can be re-adjusted many times.

SmartLift 500 mm Lift of an Un-reinforced Concrete Foundation

The brief was to lift, repair and strengthen the foundation of a multi-dwelling residential building near central Christchurch. The complex lift of 500mm was required to be completed in 2 weeks to allow the owner to bring his investment up to code and re-insure the property. The challenge was the un-reinforced concrete floors, foundation and multiple internal firewalls. No other company could do what SmartLift achieved- on time and within budget. See how we delivered top quality house levelling and foundation repairs despite these constraints.

SmartLift Timber Floor Concrete Ring House Levelling and Foundation Repair Process

SmartLift levels and repairs foundations in commercial and residential buildings, specialising in earthquake-damaged properties in Christchurch and Canterbury. The SmartLift repair methodology is the most accurate house levelling system in NZ. Want to get your house re-insured? Contact us for more info.

SmartLift 150mm Lift of a Concrete Foundation in 1 minute

This SmartLift level and repair is to a damaged foundation in a residential building in Christchurch East. The significant lift of over 150mm ensured the owner could bring his repair up to code and re-insure the property. SmartLift can safely work in almost any condition to deliver a professional and engineered result. Call us today.


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