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Outstanding Results

SmartLift professionally levels and repairs foundations in commercial and residential buildings, specialising in earthquake damaged properties in Christchurch and Canterbury.

The SmartLift repair methodology has developed the most accurate house re-levelling systems in the market. In fact, this patented process was designed specifically for earthquake-damaged houses in Christchurch. The locally owned and operated company has a 100% success rate with every house lifting job they have completed.

SmartLift does something no other system can do.

The significant benefit with SmartLift’s system is that it remains adjustable. Not only does it re-level foundations and floors to millimetre accuracy, the installed system can be re-adjusted as often as required, for the life of the home. This means that in the event of future seismic activity, the house can be re-levelled with minimum expense, labour and distress to the home owners. Unlike other house lifting systems, heavy exterior cladding and roofing materials, kitchens, bathrooms, and most tiled areas, can stay in place throughout the process. With a SmartLift system, home owners not only have peace of mind that the job has been completed successfully, but also know it has actually increased the value of the home.

This benefit is available only through SmartLift.

SmartLift holds the patent on its lifting process, meaning that no other business can use the same process. Furthermore, SmartLift is proudly ISO 9001 certified for Commercial and Residential Foundation and Floor Levelling, a grading that is recognised in more than 150 countries. It means the company must meet stringent quality control standards and face regular audits and reviews of its processes and standards from qualified third‑party assessors.