‘As is – Where is’- is it worth the risk?

‘As is – Where is’- is it worth the risk?

What to consider when buying property As Is Where Is in Christchurch.

‘As is – Where is’ properties have been in the Christchurch real estate market now for a few years. Is buying property As Is Where Is worth the risk? These are homes that have been deemed too expensive to repair so insurance companies have paid out the owners who have in turn decided to take the money and cash in again by selling the house in the damaged state, usually for the land value.

Buying property As Is Where Is represents a win-win for buyers and sellers alike. Both astute investors and first home buyers are looking at these houses from a different viewpoint- a great return on investment. There have been many recent articles in the news written about this and some call it the ‘Christchurch Gold Mine’.

Whatever the story, a great bargain awaits someone willing to do their homework, has a realistic idea what building and renovation is about and is keen taking on a project like fixing up an earthquake damaged house. It pays to do your due diligence into the economic viability of repairing your home, as well as do your research into which house relevelling service to choose. If possible, we recommend this as something you want to do before you make your purchase. Do your research. A wise investor is informed and educated about the risk, value and profit. Approach your investment wisely and you will be thankful you did.

Unsure on where to start when it comes to assessing the risk of buying property As Is Where Is? This is where Smartlift can really help. When it comes to assessing and repairing foundations, look no further. It is worth coming to us and discussing your repair ideas with us. We can give you the best advice on whether it is economical to repair. It all starts with the foundation and we are experts at evaluating damaged homes and buildings. 

Talk to the experts on buying property As Is Where Is. Give Smartlift a call today.