Repairing your foundation is a significant job, and requires an immense amount of trust. Rest assured, we take a huge amount of care before and after we’ve repaired and levelled your foundations to give you the best possible result.

So what will happen to the property when we start digging around the foundation?

The simple answer is we leave your property ready to be landscaped and finished off by your builder or company managing your repair. If there are certain plants or trees you would like saved, we can advise on what may or may not be able to be replanted. We can generally complete our part (the levelling of your home) within 15 working days, and if your plants can be stored on-site then we can work with you on this.

What else can you expect before and after we’ve repaired and levelled your foundations?

Depending on how high we need to lift your foundation to get it level we generally leave all your services in place- things like sewerage, storm water, water, and electrical. Once the house is at its final level we do a thorough drainage and pipe inspection. For solid concrete slab type foundations, if there are any earthquake damaged pipes this is the time to repair them. Heat pumps may need to be disconnected and moved as they are usually located on the ground beside your house. All these items will be addressed with you or your builder on our first site visit.

Here are a few before and after photos to give you an idea on how we leave your property when we are finished with our part of your repair.

SmartLift are proud to be the preferred partner of all major insurance companies and take pride in our 100% success rate in foundation repairs. We take extra care to ensure millimetre accuracy with our patented system, and work very closely with you through every part of the process.