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SmartLift Systems expertly lift, level and repair damaged foundations to millimetre accuracy. We specialise in single and multi-level buildings,  residential  homes, and commercial buildings throughout Canterbury. Our licensed experts lift and relevel buildings, fix cracks in concrete foundations, reinforce rubble foundations and repair or repile timber foundations.

Concrete Foundation Repairs - Parklands

Over 450 Homes Lifted in Canterbury by SmartLift

Patented System to Re-Level Floors and Foundations

Since early 2012 SmartLift has lifted and repaired over 450 earthquake damaged foundations within Canterbury. Not only does SmartLift’s patented system re-level floors and foundations to millimetre accuracy, the installed system can be re-adjusted many times.

Canterbury Homes lifted with SmartLift

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Do you have damaged foundations or an As Is Where Is property? Are you doing renovations? Contact us to book a site visit today. SmartLift Systems are proudly ISO 9001 certified for Commercial and Residential Foundation and Floor Levelling


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Accurate Foundation Repairs

Do you have an earthquake damaged home? Looking to buy an As Is Where Is property? We can help! Our accurate foundation repair services can set your property right.

Concrete Foundation Repairs