What’s the maximum size of structure can you level?

We have leveled commercial structures of considerable size and homes up to 3 storeys high. There is capacity to lift a variety of sizes and that’s why we need to do a site visit, to assess all the variables. We now have a Commercial Division for large structures.
Cladding can be a major factor in the overall weight/load. Cladding such as brick, panels and block. With SmartLift these claddings can stay in place and do not need to be removed before lifting.  There’s framing to consider, too- is it solid block, tilt slab, steel or timber? This factors into the total weight/load of your home.  However, after all that, weight doesn’t make a difference to us. SmartLift systems can level all manner of building and structures and can safely minimise further damage to your home’s integrity.

How high can you level to?

As high as required. In extreme cases we have lifted homes up to 450 mm to return the home to pre-earthquake datum heights.

What’s the bearing capacity? Or, how soft of ground can you level in?

We have leveled homes in all types of soils, ground material, and conditions from flat, sloping, hills and rock, to sand, clay, and softer type soils. We can even work with a high water table.

Do we we need our own engineer?

No- all our quotes include a site specific engineering design and sign off.

Do we need a geotech report?

If you have one, great. Otherwise we can arrange this for you at minimal additional cost.

How long will it take to physically level my home?

The average time for leveling a home can be completed in 10-15 working days.

Lead in time?

Once quote is accepted we will arrange for a site specific engineering design,. This can take 10-15 working days. If consentable works is confined to the foundation alone, we can arrange a CCC consent exemption. 3-15 days

How soon can we get a quote?

A desktop report can be provided within 5 working days if you have the following:
  • a geotech report
  • floor level survey
  • general indication of ground floor area of your home (m2)
If you do not have this info we can, for a nominal fee, arrange a site visit to complete this for you.

How much does it all cost?

It is far less a cost than the alternative:
– foundation rebuild
– total rebuild
We are competitive in our pricing and the results are second to none. Contact us for a quote.