Free Lift for Christchurch: Parklands Baptist Community Church

Free Lift for Christchurch: Parklands Baptist Community Church

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The congregation has grown, divided and moved a few times since it held its first service in 1922 but Parklands Baptist Community Church (PBCC) has been in Queenspark Drive since 1986.

The building got a bit knocked about throughout the earthquakes and is a candidate for some TLC from SmartLift because it functions as a community hub with over 20 groups using the facilities weekly.

The concrete floor of the lightweight steel-structured single-storey building is damaged and now out of level.

Funding is mainly through the generosity of the church’s members and other individuals as well as funding agencies.

PBCC needs their building fixed in order to fully serve the church community and Parklands locals. The church’s ministry is centred on supporting families and children. They provide spiritual and social programmes for the local community and partner with the Queenspark Community Trust to serve families in the area.


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