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IN Christchurch Foundation Repairs
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August 5, 2015
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concrete floor and foundation
About Project

The concrete slab under this house was out of level by up to 168mm over the length of the house, more than the amount recommended for re-levelling.

The brick veneer looked as if it would need replacing and ground conditions were poor. However, the concrete slab proved to be in good enough condition for a re-levelling and mechanical lift methodology was chosen.

The front patio and rear steps were removed to access the foundation. Jacking points were excavated at each corner and at 2m intervals between corners before pads were constructed. Core holes of 100mm diameter were drilled through the slab from inside and 300mm diameter holes at internal jacking points so the void beneath could be filled. All cracks that were present in the foundation were repaired with epoxy resin.

Lifting caused gaps in the brick veneer to close up, negating the need for recladding, and cracks in mortar were ground out and repointed. The foundation was solid plastered. On completion, the floor level varied only 6mm over the whole house.


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