The Challenge: Concrete foundation with earthquake damage requiring a lift and partial foundation replacement

A cosy 1950s home nestled into the countryside of Waiau was badly effected by the 2016, 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake. The rural country home was damaged with large cracks running through the concrete foundation resulting in varying levels between rooms.

green and white house with rubble in Kaikoura
The Earthquake-Damaged Property Pre-Lift

The Result

With SmartLift specified for the job, we used our local team from Kaikoura, making the daily trip to Waiau more cost effective. The team began by digging and removing the surrounding groundwork to create a moat like trench around the property. As this was a countryside location relatively close to the riverbed meant the land was filled with large boulders so heavy they had to be extracted by diggers. Using this trench gave the team access to remove the damaged concrete and shutter steel and re-pour a new concrete foundation.

Once the foundation had been repaired, the team could move onto the lifting and releveling process. The entire timeframe for the job was 4 weeks with a total lift of 40mm high across a building area of 78m2. Although not a large footprint it was complex in nature due to project logistics. Upon completion of the job, the owners received their engineered PS1 and PS4 with SmartLift supplying the required PS3. All documentation was essential to get reinsurance. This documentation is required for future proofing themselves for a seamless selling process when the time comes. Happy customers all round.

digger creating a moat around earthquake damaged house
Temporary propping of the house, ready for the new foundation system.
House levelled, installation of the reinforcing steel.
Close-up of reinforcing steel.
formerly Kaikoura earthquake damaged house repaired by SmartLift foundation repairs
New foundation installed, being stripped ready for hand over.