SmartLift is proudly ISO 9001 certified for both Commercial and Residential Foundation Levelling; this means that we meet stringent quality control standards and are foundation repair experts. This can provide you and your family with valuable peace of mind when choosing a re-levelling system.

What is ISO?

ISO originated from the merger of two separate organisations. These were named ISO (International Federation of the National Standardising Associations) and the UNSCC (United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee).

In 1946 over 20 different countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London. Their objective was to create a new international organisation, with the aim of ‘facilitating the international coordination and unification of industrial standards’. From this meeting, the organisation ISO was born, and operations first commenced in February 1947. The word ISO is derived from the Greek word ISOS, which roughly translates to ‘equal’.

It was decided that the name ISO would be kept, as each language would render International Organisation for Standardisation differently when translated.

ISO has grown exponentially since then, and now over 150 countries recognise ISO certifications. There are over 16,500 standards internationally and the group meets regularly in an effect to further develop new and existing standards.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a management system that aims to ensure a high quality of operations in an organisation.  In SmartLift’s case, this means that our claim to be foundation repair experts is verified by prime industry standards. This is achieved by only issuing certifications to organisations that deliver a consistent level of quality to its customers. Organisations must have well defined and regularly reviewed business processes and procedures. ISO 9001 attempts to change the business culture to one of quality, and the end view is that a business should not perform tasks to conform with ISO 9001, but instead for the benefit of the business. Eight main business principles are covered by the system, and these are:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

How does an organisation become certified foundation repair experts?

It is generally a long and difficult process to become ISO certified. An organisation that wishes to become certified must document and implement quality control systems that are deemed by the ISO guidelines to be effective.

Once these quality control systems are in place, an independent third party must complete a series of audits. This ‘double-checks’ that quality control system is effective, and complies with the ISO guidelines. Even after ISO certification is received, the organisation must be re-audited regularly. This is a requirement to keep ISO certification, and prevents problems or variances from occurring.

What does it mean for me?

SmartLift’s ISO 9001 certification means that we have implemented stringent quality control systems. These systems have been audited by an independent third party to ensure that they are effective, and comply with ISO guidelines. This provides many advantages for you, the customer. Our ISO certification guarantees that by using SmartLift as your foundation repair experts, you will be using services that are of high quality.

Looking for a house re-levelling service that gives you peace of mind? SmartLift is proud to be ISO certified and the partner of choice for all major insurance companies. Learn more about why SmartLift are the go-to foundation repair experts in the Canterbury region, or contact us to see how we can help sort your foundations.