Unreinforced rubble foundation? YES WE CAN

Many experts say it can’t be done. They claim, “You need to replace your foundation”. SmartLift unreinforced foundations repair services are here to help.

Before you take the extreme and costly step of foundation replacement, let SmartLift assess your old type-B ring and pile foundation. Chances are we can save you a lot of money and anguish by repairing your old-style foundation.

What are old-style foundations/unreinforced rubble foundations?

Old style foundations or unreinforced rubble foundations are foundations made by mixing cement with rubble, round stones or whatever they had lying around the building site at the time of construction. This is an issue as it is not reinforced and far more susceptible to earthquake damage. Unreinforced masonry – brick, concrete block, or stone – foundations often cannot withstand earthquake shaking, they simply break apart. Homes may shift off such foundations during earthquakes, seriously damaging walls, floors, utilities, and home contents.

How do the SmartLift Unreinforced Foundation Repairs Work?

Using steel bands, braces and tension rods we can strengthen and contain your foundation in order to proceed with the levelling of your home. While retaining the original aesthetic appeal of your existing foundation, we box and pour in a brand new steel re-enforced ring foundation to support it. We epoxy and repair major cracks and repair and repack your floor’s internal piling, giving your home a much stronger and more earthquake resilient foundation, all while retaining its original character.

This is a cost effective way to repair your home and meet the building code. We effectively incorporate a new steel re-enforced foundation to bolster your existing one. Benefits of this SmartLift System repair method:

  • saves you money
  • saves you time (10-15 days to level and repair foundation)
  • strengthens your foundation
  • reduces consequential damage to your home using other and often more expensive methods
  • your home is re-levellable should need ever arise

The 11 slides above are examples of unreinforced foundations and our method of strengthening. Click on any image for a larger view.