Long Term Advantages

Over Traditional House Levelling and Lifting Systems

Why choose us?


SmartLift offers many advantages over traditional house levelling and lifting systems.

  • Allows a building to be re-levelled  multiple times once installed
  • Is designed and engineered  especially for Christchurch houses and buildings
  • Can lift single or two‑storey  houses of heavy weight
  • Can lift multiple apartments with  heavy internal fire walls
  • Suitable for a full consent or exempt activity, meaning  the Council consent process is streamlined
  • Increases foundation bearing area  up to 300%, reducing risk of future damage
  • Is proven in the commercial sector,  having the ability to lift heavy factory walls and floors
  • Contractors and engineers supply  PS1, PS3, PS4
  • Allows plumbing or drainage  repairs to be made under a house once lifted to level
  • Is suitable for reinforced and  un‑reinforced concrete floors
  • Can be used to fix lateral spread
  • Gives high accuracy with levelling to millimeter tolerances
  • Efficient – most jobs are completed  in 10 – 14 working days
  • Increases the value of a property  after installation

Advanced and accurate house levelling systems.