SmartLift is pushing the boundaries in the marketplace by introducing the commercial sector to a brand new mechanical jacking system and SuperFlat Flooring System. This means large scale buildings with concrete floor slabs can now be repaired.  This includes tilt slab buildings, factories, showrooms and workshops.


•    Tired of broken, cracked worn out floors that are out of level?
•    Sick of your forklift having to slow down over bumps, humps and uneven floors?

SMARTLIFT can reinstate your uneven floor to better than new.



•    Can level, enhance, stabilize and polish your floors to millimetre precision.
•    Our process is more economical than rip-out and replacement.
•    Quicker and less disruption to yourself and neighbouring tenants.

When close enough isn’t good enough,  choose SUPERFLAT FLOORS by SmartLift Systems Ltd.

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Click the button below to view the case study  on how SmartLift had only 32 days to level 1600m2 of concrete foundation.

Commercial Foundation Repair 1600m2