North Island Luxury Holiday Home Relevelled to Better-Than-New Condition!

Challenge: Structurally sound luxury home resting upon crippled foundations constructed up to 3 metres in depth. The entire structure was suffering from global settlement over 80mm.

In the hillside location of Havelock North was a modern architecturally designed home sitting upon severely damaged concrete foundations. Although the home itself had no damage the foundations had suffered terribly from a variety of localised earthquake events resulting in a global settlement.

The 2010 built, large one-storey home presented a number of technical challenges due to it’s location and complex foundation system. Some parts of the damaged foundation extended 3 metres into the ground and was out of level by almost 100mm. The owners and their insurance company involved in this property were afraid their only option was to demolish the property and rebuild the entire structure again.

Christchurch-based, Smartlift’s patented concrete foundation repair system was the best option country-wide to repair the property to the level of a rebuild. The Smartlift Team were able to setup in Kahuranaki for a month and self-sufficiently repair the 320m2 luxury home.

The Result:

Smartlift successfully relevelled the structure with a total lift of 86mm. The property owners were ecstatic with the outcome saving them the time and money of a rebuild and the confidence that their foundations were as level as the day their luxury home was originally built. Great work team.

luxury home in nature with specialist trench dug by smartlift
Preparation for relevelling 3m deep front section of foundation.
Outdoor undercover fireplace sits upon newly relevelled foundations with hills in background
Recently relevelled outdoor area including heavyweight ornate stone fireplace.
Close up of SmartLift's patented concrete jacking pads which can be adjusted at any time
Installation of SmartLift re-levelable concrete jacking pads.
Collage featuring SmartLift's patented technique of enhancing and improving existing loadbearing foundations
Re-levelling and enhancement of existing loadbearing foundations