‘Free Lift for Christchurch’ Winner Announced!

‘Free Lift for Christchurch’ Winner Announced!

We have a winner! The public has voted and it is time to congratulate and celebrate with Te Waka Aroha South Brighton, whose community building has won the free ‘lift and level’ from Smartlift.


Congratulations to Te Waka Aroha South Brighton who have fought all month to rally their community to vote for them, and in turn have won the free lift and levelling from the team here at Smartlift!

A highlight of their campaign was a video they made to educate the community on who they were, their plans for the empty church building in South Brighton, and the opportunity Smartlift was offering to help them on their journey. Check it out!

So what happens next?

Well, there are plenty of details to be sorted before work begins on the building that will house Te Waka Aroha South Brighton.

Smartlift will have to schedule the project to fit in with others but, since the church and hall on Bridge Street, South Brighton, are currently empty, it shouldn’t be too long before that can happen.

Smartlift will perform the equivalent of open-heart surgery on the conjoined church and hall. Once the company has completed its patented process, designed and engineered especially for Christchurch houses and buildings, this small complex will be able to accept multiple adjustments to relevel it in the case of future seismic events.


Te Waka Aroha South Brighton - VOTE FOR ME!


The foundation bearing area will be increased, which decreases risk of future damage, and the floor will be levelled to within millimetre tolerances. Any plumbing or drainage repairs that are needed can be made once the building is lifted to level.

The whole process will probably take much less than a month. No doubt the owner will be pleased to know that this process will significantly increase the value of the building. The church and hall will be left in a safe state, ready for its new tenants, including Te Waka Aroha South Brighton.

People from Te Waka Aroha South Brighton have joined with other local community-minded people to form The Bridge St Trust that will oversee the development and management of the new community facility. The Trust and Te Waka Aroha South Brighton may need a further helping hand to get the place finished and fit for purpose as their multi-use community hub. Smartlift are hoping to help The Bridge St Trust create an onsite gala fête event to be held when the lift is complete.

At this celebration, The Bridge St Trust would get the opportunity to raise funds to cover costs such as redecorating or landscaping. Smartlift will be there explaining to the public about the lift process, and the public gets a chance to peek inside and visualise themselves using the spaces in the future as they join in the celebrations!


The Bridge St Trust is looking for community partners keen to contribute on the day by operating a sausage sizzle or coffee van, or selling such things as local craftwork or plants for example, and donating a portion of the day’s earnings to the The Bridge St Trust.

The date is yet to be determined but members of the public can simply keep an eye on Te Waka Aroha South Brighton’s Facebook page and community news media to catch it when it is published.

The vision for the refurbished building will comprise a daytime café that can also host pop-up restaurants in the evenings; a hall that is shared with the local school and other local groups; a community information centre; a health and well-being centre; a learning exchange; and a performance venue for local musicians and comedy open mike nights.


Congratulations again, Te Waka Aroha South Brighton, and welcome home!